Superfoods to Boost Your Immune System

Nobody likes to get sick. Many folks go to extremes to make sure their body isn’t subjected to the conditions that will weaken their bodies and cause them to suffer from influenza or even the common cold. We go out of our way to stay clear of anyone who appears to be sick, don’t we? A lot of places you visit will now have a pump-bottle of hand sanitizer on the counter for visitors to use. I’ve seen this frequently at doctors offices and even grocery stores. Dietary supplements are a billion dollar industry just in the United States alone. It’s easy to be overwhelmed with all of the information that’s introduced daily on different ways to keep your health. The problem is that we aren’t always aware of the best superfoods to eat for boosting our immune system so we stay healthy. All we’ve been taught is to eat a healthy diet that is balanced in all the food groups. Below you will find a few superfoods to include in your weekly diet. They will give your immune system a boost.


Almonds are a fantastic immune boosting superfood that a lot of people forget about. Almonds are full of magnesium. If you want your cells to be strong, you need magnesium. It is also key in the boosting of your immune system. Almonds are readily available and aren’t hard to find. Also, they’re a delight to eat. Just about every grocery store carries almonds – plain and fancy. It’s also easy to find recipes for baked goodies that include almonds. Chop some up and add them to your oatmeal or any cereal. They’re great in granola or muesli. If you like almonds straight out of the bag or can, eat them that way.

Vegetable Juice

Vegetable juice is a great source of vitamins, minerals, immune boosting agents and fluids. You’ve seen the commercials for V-8 Juice in which they talk about how good it is for your body. Believe what they told you, because it’s true. There are other options, however, than V-8 Juice. You can blend up your own vegetable juice at home. They like the control this gives them over which ingredients to include and the final flavor. Besides perking up your immune system, drinking vegetable juices helps keep you healthy by adding necessary fluids, minerals, and vitamins to your diet.

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes, particularly baked sweet potatoes, are a wonderful superfood immune booster. Beta-carotene is an important ingredient for maintaining the health and strength of your immune system, and this is what sweet potatoes provide you. Other veggies have beta-carotene also, but sweet potatoes are the most versatile superfood with this nutrient. Don’t just make your sweet potato casserole for the holidays. Serve it several times throughout the year. Cut them into 1/4″ strips and make french fries. They’re delightful! The best way to make mashed sweet potatoes is to bake them first, and then scoop out the pulp and mash it. There are many different ways to prepare and serve sweet potatoes. You can even find recipe cards hanging by the bin of sweet potatoes in your super market.

There are many different foods that can be classified as superfoods for the immune system. You know that you need to eat a healthy and balanced diet anyway, why not choose the foods that help your immune system stay healthy at the same time?