COVID Testing Materials

Medical Kitting

Strategic Lab Partners is capable of primarily designing, preparing, and delivering medical kits that use DNA and genetic testing to provide answers for patients. Preparing a medical kit is often referred to as “kitting.” Efficiency is incredibly important in the medical kit industry. Strategic Lab Partners can handle every step of the process in making sure your custom medical kit is made to perfection. You will want every piece of your medical kit to be custom and specially-made for your business.

Medical Kit Prep

Pretty much any normal supplies you can think of can be kitted. The contents ultimately hinge on your goals and objectives for your kits. We most commonly work with companies that do RNA & DNA testing kits, but if you’ve seen our product list you know we really can cover any of your medical kitting needs. We can also print out and include any special instruction you want inside, just another step to ensure proper usage and no lost time and money having to return anything and get new samples.

If you’re planning on moving loads of volume, it’s far cheaper to have them done in mass then individually. Instead of ordering a batch and just praying you have enough or that you don’t totally sell out is just a money loss waiting to happen, kitting. Small costs add up so much on a large scale, losing an extra dollar per kit can quickly add up to hundreds if not thousands of dollars if you’re moving real volume.

Medical Supplies

The most efficient way to pack medical kits is so everything is close together enough to keep still during transport so nothing can bump around and break. It’s also much faster and easier to ship out a kit that you already have made than to have to assemble one on the spot then ship it out. We also offer a range of custom printing services, anything you need. We can brand your medical kits any way you like so that people really know who they’re from.

With a pandemic upon us, Strategic Lab Parters has ensured supplies are being contributed to the fight against COVID. You’ll be pleased to hear of the high quality of COVID testing materials and know they are well kitted materials.